How to order from the slb hubbub using SWPS [1] & GOLD [2]

(updated 16 January 2008)

The slb hubbub has your most comprehensive collection of Schlumberger promotional products and executive gifts.  whatnot is a SWPS Approved Supplier (our SWPS Supplier number is 98533423).  Orders from the slb hubbub outside the United States must additionally be submitted to us through SWPS [3].  (Please note: if your BORG has not ordered from us in the past you may have to ask your Supply Chain Manager to register whatnot in your BORG.)

We hope to keep it simple. By all means, please call at any time and we will talk you through it (631-725-9344, 917-287-1736, or 516-527-4864)




First add items to your Shopping Cart.  (Select at least the minimum quantity for each product.  The minimum quantity of each item is the first quantity listed on the product page.  For shirts you may specify 3 different sizes and 2 different colors of the same style number to meet your minimum of 15 pieces.  For Flash Drives you may order any combination of memory size as long as you order a total minimum quantity of 100 units (i.e. 74 4GB flash drives and 25 8GB flash drives for a total order of 100 units).

Once you fill your shopping cart and complete the checkout, print your Draft Order Form.  Using the style numbers on the form enter the order in SWPS as a "Special Request PO”.

Most SWPS POs leaving the United States system are shipped by GOLD.  Once the items are produced, they are picked up by Expeditors International, the freight forwarding company who ships the goods to you, the end user.  At this point delivery is the GOLD HUB’s (Expeditors) responsibility.  (Occasionally, a SWPS order may ship outside the GOLD system via your DHL Import Account or another freight forwarder.  These instructions should be on your SWPS PO.)

GOLD System shipping decisions are made by the Houston HUB.  It can take 7-14 days to process goods through the Houston HUB so when choosing the Ship Mode work backwards from the date your products must clear Customs and arrive at your officeInclude any Special Instructions to cover circumstances (e.g. green light [4]) that relate to your location.

GOLD POs are classified 3 ways:

A SWPS Order marked Ship Mode STANDARD is a First Level Consolidation.
These First Level Consolidations ship weekly.  Your products may not ship the same week they arrive at the HUB. GOLD may need a number of days to process items arriving from different US locations, so the entire order may not ship until the next week’s scheduled departure.[5]

A SWPS Order marked Ship Mode URGENT takes 4 days to be consolidated and will be shipped by air.

A SWPS Order marked Ship Mode EMERGENCY takes 2 days to be consolidated and will be shipped by air.

Schlumberger employees located at the Expeditors International Houston HUB called Field Logistic Support Coordinators (FLSC) are the best people to contact with any concerns about the system. 

Schlumberger FLSC Contacts:

Venezuela, Trinidad, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador

Latin America; United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Continental Europe

West & South Africa; Nigeria; North Africa

Russia; Caspian

Libya; East Mediterranean; Saudi, Kuwait; Bahrain; Gulf (Oman; Qatar; UAE; Yemen); India; Kuwait

Australia; Indonesia; China; Malaysia; Brunei; Philippines; Thailand; Myanmar; Vietnam; Singapore

Mexico & Central America

[1] Schlumberger Web Procurement System

[2] Global Oilfield Logistics & Distribution

[3] In most cases we must have a SWPS Purchase Order to ship to locations outside the United States

[4] For specific countries, some materials are subject to a green light.  The purchasing location must instruct the Houston Hub within the GOLD System to release the goods before they can ship out of Houston.

[5] Shipments to some countries are only scheduled for one day each week.  If you have a deadline delivery date you must stay in contact with your FLSC to be sure you order is moving through the GOLD System in time for your date.


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